Our portfolio includes advisory, design (needs analysis, feasibility study, masterplan, concepts, construction, implementation and workshop projects), supervision (author’s and investor's) and expertise. We rely on experience in all areas of civil engineering, so we are well prepared to accompany Investors throughout the entire investment process

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health care facility projects
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Industria. Comprehensive operation

We are the authors of over 500 projects (the vast majority of them have been built and are in use):


  • about 200 are projects for industry (petrochemical industry - mainly fuel tanks, production plants, warehouses, food industry, hydraulic engineering, bridges),
  • about 50 are projects of health care facilities,
  • around 50 are projects of public utility and commercial facilities.

In the face of an ever-changing world, we understand that the continuous modernization of our company and the opening up to the increasingly modern technologies should be one of our priorities. That is why we design with the use of many advanced tools such as: REVIT, MagiCAD, Civil 3D, Advance Steel and Tekla Structures. We integrate them by creating BIM – Building Information Modelling – which is an integral part of every project. BIM has allowed us to integrate specialists from many industries and work on a single common 3D model, on which every element of construction is formatted. This provides for the possibility to fully coordinate installation and architectural projects as well as facilitates and speeds up the execution of the project on the construction site. This allowed us to implement a “zero-collision” program in our office

We design:


Since 2011, we have been specializing in the design of hospital facilities


In 2016, we decided that by using our experience we will design unique medical facilities – that’s how the idea called I+MED was born, the intention of which is to execute tasks related to the widely defined medical technology. 


As connected representatives of the medical (active doctors and nurses) and construction (engineers in all sectors) industries, we exactly understand the needs and problems faced by the managers of health care centres and infrastructure in Poland and abroad.


Our activities focus primarily on introducing innovative solutions aiming to improve the quality of the work of healthcare professionals as well as providing a sense of comfort to patients staying in the facility.

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Industrial buildings

We also specialise in the design of petrochemical facilities and complex hydrotechnical projects. We are co-authors of the project of one of the largest fuel depots in Poland, currently in operation.


Involvement in work on initiatives of this type allowed us to gain experience in the effective completion of formalities, implementation of global standards and the latest technological solutions for the main energy security centres in Poland.

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Public utility buildings

In addition to hospitals, our portfolio also includes other public building projects such as police stations, railway stations, waterfronts, courts, schools, research laboratories and science parks. We carried out a project to revitalise a brownfield site in the port and the Vistula embankment in Grudziądz.


Our achievements also include: the design of the Białystok Science and Technology Park, the design of the Laboratory Centre for Life Sciences which is a part of the emerging Campus of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University and the Centre for the Development of Intelligent Spaces at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics at Gdańsk University of Technology, which houses teaching and research laboratories for students, multimedia technology application rooms and the office of the Pomeranian ICT Cluster. Designing this type of buildings requires the knowledge of specific regulations.

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Commercial buildings

We have experience in creating construction and executive designs for large retail stores. We also designed a shopping mall building in Kalisz and a cinema extension project on the existing building of a shopping mall in Bydgoszcz.

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