About Us

Industria is a group of specialized companies, bringing together experts from the areas of architecture, technology, construction, sanitary, electrical and technical installations as well as urban planners and road sector designers. Our management staff consists of graduates of the best Polish and European universities. We have degrees in construction, architecture, medical sciences, environmental engineering, electronics and telecommunications.

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The complementarity services

Our company was established with the aim to provide a complete range of design services and construction advisory, which means that our projects cover all the required industries. We have completed about 300 different projects of different degrees of complexity. We specialize in the design of hospital and petrochemical facilities.


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Currently, our team consists of more than 200 engineers with all the necessary permissions. We communicate in 7 languages, and our offices are located in 2 locations in Poland: in Gdańsk and Łódź, thanks to which we are closer to our Ordering Parties and Partners. Taking care of the continuous development, we cooperate in implementations of joint development projects with universities, research institutions and the widely understood industry

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fax. (+58) 551 18 57